Firma a crescut usor si sigur, politica noastra fiind sa ne limitam numarul total al angajatilor din grupul de constructii la 100 de oameni si sa crestem calitatea, productivitatea si implicarea acestora in lucrarile executate de societate. Noi punem mai mult pret pe calitate, inainte de cantitate. The company has grown slightly but safe, our policy is to limit our total number of construction workers to 70-80 employees and increase the quality, productivity and involvement of our employees in the projects we are working on. We value the quality of our works more then the quantity.
Our employees are divided on trades:

  • carpenters and blacksmiths benders
  • finishers
  • plumbers for water, sewer, air conditioning and ventilation
  • electricians
  • management staff
  • maintenance staff

The company has its own specific equipment, scaffolding, cargo transportation vehicles , window cranes and for other equipment we conclude rent contracts with third party companies. Company management has the following structure: Mr. Sabin Funar as general manager, Mr. Cornel Cighir as production director, Mrs. Maria Chifor as economic director, Mr. Levente Jozsa Rares technical director.

Sabin Funar

General Manager

0744 549 839
Cornel Cighir

Production Director

0745 637 557
Maria Chifor

Economic Director

0744 591 309
Levente Jozsa

Technical Directorr

0740 881 709
Lazar Eliza

Chief Accountant

0770 696 421
Silviu Maga

Tendering Engineer

0749 241 881
Ioana Pop

Tendering Engineer

0758 095 544
Mihai Scurtu

Project Manager

0756 739 601
Bogdan Oros

Project Manager

0747 451 732
Ionel Leuca

Project Manager
Dragos Bot

Project Manager

0742 471 019
Serban Gorgan

Project Manager
Alin Dobre

Corneliu Morar

Customer Care

0741 741 666
Mihai Pop

Purchasing Department

0748 277 698
Csete Onorica

Property Department

0749 241 882
Socol Titian

Licensing Department
Claudia Rad

Maintenance Departament

0751 975 888
Georgiana Ciorgoveanu

Commercial Departament

0741 591 309
Crina Moldovan

Assistant Manager

0751 975 884

Our company policy is to constantly increase the quality of work and to apply our slogan in everything we do : "We care. Quality constructions.". Thus, in February 2009 the company was certified for quality work with the following quality standards: ISO 9001:2000 (quality work), ISO 14001:2004 (occupational safety) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (environmental protection). The certification was made by the certification Institute SINCERT ITALY SC All Cert Systems SRL Bucharest.

Here are some advantages for you if you perform work with our company:

  • We care about our work quality and customer satisfaction;
  • compliance deadlines and unit prices assumed;
  • great experience in various types of construction: banking agencies, offices, shops, buildings,
  • prompt customer inquiries;
  • availability to execute any work in Transylvania;
  • experience and knowledge requirements of large and multinationals companies.